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Log Me Out

Your Valuable Time
Better than two darn bits
Use up about 2.5 MB's of valuable hard disk space!

THinking of You Live at Woodstockhausen

About four minutes of blistering guitar and beautiful vox.
Use up about 1.1 MB's of hard disk space!

Vacation Paycheck

Nearly four minutes! Over AM Radio Playlist window...
This is free. Be grateful.
When was the last time you went on vacation anyway?

Johnny Reb

Short and ambient
Lax supervision results in such events
Don't say you weren't warned!

Walk in Heaven

2.00 minutes of bliss
We're really very devout
Warning: Children under 38 may not understand the circumstances described in this song

Pet Gone Wild

Brass section included free of charge
Whenever anyone says free, don't trust them
Your children are watching you at this moment

Angels and Miracles

Our Pricincess Di Tribute
Elton John should buy this song immediately
Your conscience is watching you at this moment




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