Pets Gone Wild


I just cut class

my conscience clean

my words are kind

my thoughts are mean

you don't control me

you just pay the bills

you taught me to lie

and conceal all my kills


you won't admit

you got a problem child

when we pitch a fit

you call us pets gone wild


quiet and sober

cruel and polite

sit on the floor

bathed in blue tv light

watching the violence

watching the crime

watching you doze

and biding our time


you raised me right

still I'm a problem child

when I'm out of sight

you won't see pets gone wild


dulling my senses

sharpen my wits

sharpen my teeth

find a face that will fit

learn to compete

you're not on my side

you know you can't win

I won't let you hide


you won't survive

you're dying in denial

but you can help us thrive

and run from pets gone wild


by Rick Kleffel